Business description

Land operator

We can arrange multilingual guides, interpreter guides, experiences, accommodations, and transportation all throughout Gunma Prefecture.
We can also provide attendants on the day of your trip.

Regional coordinator

We use our proprietary network to offer community-based experiences that are not available anywhere else in the market.
We accept inquiries from travel agencies and business operators in the prefecture.

Travel intermediary services

Gunma Travel also handles inquiries for foreign tourists who have difficulty communicating by themselves.

Guide training

We provide training for multilingual guides and interpreter guides.
For those who want to try guiding others in another language, we can create multilingual scenarios (scripts) from a foreign national’s point of view.

“Since you are coming to Gunma,
We want you to have as much fun as possible.”

With that feeling in mind, we look into issues faced by both tourists visiting Japan and local communities, and create sustainable travel.
We are a travel agency specializing in inbound sales with one of the largest networks of foreign nationals and regional networks in the prefecture.

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